Tips for the Best Exterior Architecture in NY

Exterior design is a very important aspect in architecture since this is the first thing people will see when it comes to your home or building structure. When it comes to residential architecture, people want an outer design that sets their home apart from the rest. With so many choices with materials, colors, shapes, and forms, designing your home can be very difficult. These trends will help you decide which direction to take when it comes to your exterior design.

One timeless trend in exterior architecture revolves around balance. With all designs, there should be some sort of balance and symmetry intact to create an appealing design. Some examples of using symmetry include centering the doors, using the same number of windows on each side of the door, and creating a balanced façade. There are several ways to achieve a balanced home, but you want to do your research so you can choose a design that’s proportioned and visually pleasing.

Another important aspect is form. Form has become a very popular area of focus in contemporary architecture. The form in the interior design should resemble the form in the exterior design. Form includes the way you create lighting and how you utilize space. Most people strive for natural lighting while others will use large windows to increase the amount of natural light the home receives. Whichever form you choose, it’s important to decide which way you’d like to go when it comes to form and make it consistent between the interior and exterior designs.

Various textures and materials is another common trend in modern architecture. People are using a vaster variety of materials to bring a unique look to their homes. From stucco to vinyl siding, there are so many options and it’s important to decide which one you want to use. Professional architects recommend balancing endurance with aesthetics, meaning you’ll want to use materials that are durable but visually appealing.

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