The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Although it’s nice bringing in new business and accounts, retaining customers and building customer loyalty has been proven to be much more cost-effective. In fact, customer loyalty is a key component for a thriving business. There are many strategies to building customer loyalty and improving the retention among consumers. These tips will help your brand reach these goals.

1. Personalize- Customers want to feel important and valued. The best way to do this is creating a customized, personalized experience for them. There are so many ways to contact consumers, but the most personal way is through face-to-face conversations. If this is realistic for your brand, call and set-up a meeting to discuss a product, service, or customer services. If not, give the consumer a call and ditch a script. Make a meaningful conversation that will make the customer feel valuable.

2. Communicate Your Efforts- Communicate to your consumers the measures the brand is taking to resolve an issue, meet their needs, etc. Customers may not know what measures the brand is taking to provide excellent customer service. Send an e-mail with a follow-up survey including the measures that the service representative went through to meet the customer’s needs.

3. Special Occasions- Birthdays, holidays, and other important days of the year can be utilized for customer retention. Offer a free gift for birthdays, special discounts for a holiday, and more. People, especially customers, like to feel special. Promotions for special occasions can increase customer retention. Use creative ideas to set your brand apart from competitors.

4. Follow-Up- Always follow-up with customers after a purchase or a customer service experience. Send a survey, make a quick call, or send an e-mail to make sure the customer had a positive experience and if not, find out what the brand should do differently. This can provide useful feedback so that the brand can make improvements where necessary and provide better service overall.

These tips will help improve overall customer satisfaction. Implement these tips in your business and watch customer loyalty greatly improve!