Spring into Spring Cleaning!

Garages are great storage areas for various items ranging from sports equipment to yard tools and everything in between. However, most people don’t even use their garages for parking their cars! Many Americans have two-car garages yet can’t even fit one car inside. Why is this? Too much stuff! These simple tips will help you spring into your spring cleaning by tackling the garage area first!

First off, one must declutter the garage space in order to prepare for organization. Make sure you delegate at least one weekend of your time (maybe more) to tackle this project. Ask relatives and friends to help you with this project because the more hands you have, the quicker and easier this process will be. Go through every item in the garage and put them into four piles. Specifically, these piles should be “keep, donate, sell and toss.” Then, pack up your donation pile into boxes to drop off at a donation center. Box up the sell pile as well, store these boxes somewhere out of the garage, and save these items for your next garage sale. Throw out any items that you don’t need any more that are in no condition for donating or selling.

Now, you are left with your keep pile. Organize the remaining items based on how frequently you use them, items of similar function, or items of similar purpose. For example, gardening tools that you use several times a year should be stored together. The same goes for yard work tools, sporting goods, or rarely used items. Separating items will be useful because it will determine where everything should go. For example, the rarely used items can be stored using a ceiling system since you won’t need to access these items every single day. Use a similar thought process for all of the items in the “keep” pile.

Now, you can start purchasing garage organization systems and get to work! Take it one section at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. The garage space will be tidied up in no time.