Simple but Effective Web Designs

A lot of brands fail to understand the power of a simple website. An easy to navigate, sleek, and modern looking website can be just as, if not more, effective as websites with a ton of content on them. Apple is one example of a website and company who has mastered the art of simplicity. So why is it so much harder for other brands to achieve the same results? These tips will help create a simple but effective website that improves conversion rates and has the look and feel your brand is striving for.

  • Focus on Essentials- Many companies are so concerned with drowning their websites in videos, images, and content, that they fail to emphasize the most essential elements on their site. Prioritization is essential, especially when deciding which content should be the main focus.
  • Reduce the Number of Pages- Simplifying the design should also include cutting down on page count. Often, brands have too many pages that can be condensed very easily. Condense pages that are related to each other to keep your viewers from getting overwhelmed. Too many website navigation menu options can lead to viewers choosing none of the options. Simpler is better.
  • Place Content Above the Fold- Most people only spend time above the fold on websites, meaning they don’t scroll down. Increasing the website’s effectiveness lies in placing the content above the fold.
  • Basic Color Schemes- Too much color can also cause distractions. Using only two or three colors is far more visually appealing than overloading the website with abundant color palettes. This will create a simple, but more effective website design. Make sure the colors are unified as well. For example, the colors used in the website should match the logo and brand’s color scheme.

Simple web design techniques can quickly and easily transform your website. Use our easy tips to achieve the website of your dreams!