Senior Care Planning

Finding the right senior care options for a loved one is very difficult but important. There are many different options available and it’s important to learn about each one and find out which one is the best choice for your family. Care providers typically do not turn people down, even if the services aren’t right for the individual. For this reason, family members should do their research, compare the options, and figure out the best solution on their own. This will help guarantee the best possible care for their loved one depending on the individual’s personal needs.

There are various types of senior care services available today. Care options include residential care, assisted living, independent senior living, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, and in home senior care. However, the umbrella categories are assisted living, in-home care, and skilled nursing. It’s important to research these three categories before finding more specific care options.

Assisted living refers to senior communities where patients can live independent lives, feel like part of a community, but also get the professional care they need. Some of these communities are specific to different illnesses, such as dementia patients. These patients get to belong to communities where their peers are going through the same things. This is a great way for patients to get the care and socialization they need in a tight-knit, supportive community.

In-home senior care allows patients to live out the rest of their lives in the comfort of their own homes, but also receive the care they need. Family members considering in-home senior care must consider the patient’s health and whether they are physically capable of living life independently. A caregiver comes in and can help with certain daily activities like hygiene, transportation, medication management, and much more. However, this option doesn’t provide round-the-clock care and isn’t always the best option for seniors.

The third care option is skilled nursing and typically includes nursing homes and rehabilitation centers where care is provided. Family members should consider this option if the patient needs assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For instance, patients that cannot handle daily activities by themselves, suffer serious illnesses, or have serious injuries will most likely require this level of care. However, the bad reputation some nursing homes have acquired makes this option unfavorable by family members.

Geriatric care manager can help families come up with the best possible care plan for their elderly loved ones.