How to Get the Best Shipping Rates Through Major Carriers

As far as carriers do, FedEx and UPS, while they are the most well known as also the ones with the highest shipping rates. In order to ensure your business gets the best possible rates from these carriers, consider the ways below.

1- NEGOTIATE! Just because a price is listed one way does not mean that it is set in stone. If a company doesn’t negotiate they are paying way more than they could be. Negotiating, and knowing hot to negotiate is how businesses can get the lowest rates.

2- Consolidate volume to one carrier. It is common for online retails to use multiple carriers for shipping but a businesses may be able to work out volume discounts by using one carrier rather than multiple.

3- Figure the destination, weight and size package you ship most often. You can negotiate better when you know what you ship regularly. So if most of your packages are less than 25 lbs., talk to a rep about getting a discount on lightweight packages.

4- Strong relationship with your carrier rep. getting lower shipping rates will be much simpler when the relationship between the rep and company is strong. These representatives have inside knowledge that can be used to get the lowest rates but they will not go out of their way to get a company these rates if they are not treated with respect.