The Casa Mar Fishing Lodge

Casa Mar (Sea House) has grown to be identified with great Tarpon as well as Snook fishing. Most likely you have heard about this popular fishing lodge in magazines. Sports Afield, Field Stream, Florida Sportsman and Saltwater Sportsman and others feature articles on the wonderful angling near the prominent lodge. Perhaps you saw Casa Mar highlighted on TV's "Southern Sportsman", or learnt about it in the columns of a daily press just like the advertisement of a popular hotel near peppa pig world. However, if you haven't read about this fantastic fishing place, this is an intro to some of the world's best light tackle fishing.

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The Luxury Jungle Lodge

Casa Mar is located on the northeast Caribbean coast of Costa Rica in a remote rain-forest environment that has the largest river as well as lagoon system of fishing waters on the east coast of Costa Rica. Casa Mar is situated in seven acres of tropical garden, a picturesque, tranquil set up. A main lodge and six duplex cabins are on grassy grounds where different varieties of fruit, wild birds and native flowers flourish. The lodge experiences Laguna Agua Dulce (sweet water), a freshwater lagoon where Tarpon is often seen rolling in the front section of the dock.

The lodge at Casa Mar is spacious and homey. A well-equipped tackle store is at one side of the lodge dining tables are at the other, and big screened windows provide a view of the jungle lagoon. Every cabin features twin beds with a personal bathroom and also showers. There is enough electricity for an electric shaver or other small travel devices, various deep freezes, warm water, lights and an ice maker. Drinking water is pure and filtered.

Meals are home-cooking style, and you will get all you could eat at each meal. It is good American food with sufficient local recipes to make things exciting. A lot of meals are buffet style. Homegrown pineapple, bananas, breadfruit, papaya, oranges, mango, coconut and other fruits are offered in season.

Fishing activities at Casa Mar

Tarpon arrive here in thousands from January to May. In September and October, only scattered Tarpon can be found in the rivers as well as lagoons. Instead, they assemble in huge numbers just outside the mouth of the river in the Caribbean.

Most of the fishing is accomplished in lagoons and sheltered rivers. When the sea is quiet, you may go outside the mouth of the river where Tarpon are bunched. Snook also arrive at Casa Mar. They are unexpected stars, but in January Swarms come at the Ro Colorado and adjoining waters. These Snook are around five pounds, with most of them in the 12-pound class. This is a time that a Snook fancier is practically assured his fill of sport.

You will be fishing in 17-foot, wide-beamed boats operated with new 40-hp motors. Guides are English-speaking as well as educated in fishing techniques, including fly. Although it is easy to simply cast a lure into the depths of water, jig it a couple of times and jump a Snook and Tarpon nearly every cast, this is simply not always the situation. Fantastic fishing doesn't happen each day of each week at Casa Mar or any other places you are aware of.